GLS REZ 400– A very low formaldehyde, non yellowing, glyoxal resin that is excellent on
wrinkle free or for wrinkle plus on fabrics or garments. The product is non catalyzed and
can be activated with the addition of an mg based catalyst or GLS buffered catalyst.

GLS-Wetter/scour LF– An excellent low foaming, non ionic based wetter and scour that is excellent for use in jet dyeing or garment dyeing or as a post scour to remove loose dyes and residual chemicals on all textiles.

GLS- Chelate FE-100 – A concentrated sequestrant that is very effective in sequestering un wanted metals and salts at high pH levels. It can be used on continuous preparation ranges or in garment or fabric preparation.

GLS Sequest 100 – A concentrated EDTA type sequestrant that is very effective in
chelating calcium and magnesium salts and metals at pH levels less than 9.5.

GLS Stabilizer 100 – A concentrated organic peroxide stabilizer that is a replacement for sodium silicate in all types of preparation processes.

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