Qualification may be object but the subject is how to get your share from market ,in the fields you are working.

Evergreen Group , a family of multiple diversifications , playing its role in the society since 2006 , in the following sectors.

1- Evergreen Pharmaceuticals:(Veterinary Medicines Manufacturing company) .

2- Evergreen Pharmaceuticals (Pvt)Ltd. Lahore ( Neutraceuticals Vet Medicines Manufacturing company) .

3- Evergreen Pharmaceuticals : Neutraceuticals Human Medicine Manufacturing company.


Our other Projects:

1- Megaros International . Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, CA. USA

2- Megaros Interantional, Lahore: Commercial Import of different sectors.

3- Umar Law Associates, Lahore: Provide Tax Related Solutions.


Punjnad Pharma , Lahore, a leading marketing group of Veterinary Solutions.

Cherry Pharma , Lahore: a leading marketing group in Poultry solutions, importing materials from FRANCE & GERMANY; Now sharing with EVERGREEN PHARMA:

Our major focus is in medicine, being most of family designed to educate in this family business.

Success based upon complete observance of cGMP, and GMP standards, and continuous reinvestment in the development of plant and its up gradation ,matching with international standards, to cater modern day requirements.

Medicine group is proudly supported by its dedicated marketing team spread from north to south and from east to west, with Country standard matching facilities From SPO to Regional Managers, in other words we develop business partners, giving them sense of ownership in authority to play positively and develop friendly culture with end users, and trust on the products of EVERGREEN PHARMA:

The most strong field of Evergreen Pharmaceuticals is its Poultry and Livestock sectors, with support of ORAL POWDER SOLUTIONS ,LIQUID ORAL SOLUTIONS AND LIQUID INJECTABLES.

Known for quality and efficacy the volume / turnover continuously increasing and closed this year ending on 30-06-2020 , around 800 Million Pak Rupees;

Within 8 years span this development is considered beyond expectations when compared it competitors.

So now on demand of our filed forces, despite best options/ solutions available in local manufacturing of poultry and livestock still ,we feel a vacuum for some imported combinations in ANTIBIOTICS from some European Sources.

So now we intend to import on National Right Basis some Antibiotic in single and combinations as well as Vaccines.

Our Market force is our strength and our quality is our economy.

We are 1st national veterinary pharmaceutical certified on ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 by SGS and our products are being manufactured strictly conforming to WHO-cGMP and local regulatory requirements.



We provide a diverse variety of drugs that prevent infections, maintain health and cure diseases.


We provide a wide range of medicines to ensure animal health and productivity.


We provide a dynamic variety of HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS for Animals as well as Humans.

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